GBInstagram 1.50 APK Download for Android


Hey Guys, in this post we will tell you about how can you Download GBInstagram APK on your Phone. We all are aware of social networking platforms available to us on our smart phones, where on daily basis we share our daily life activity as a story, video, picture, vlogs, music and more other ways you want to make your thought more expressive. Just like in the past time communication through letters and it is not so long when these E-mails were on the trend. And as of now social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Snaptube and Instagram are on the moods of many of us. All of these have some way unique then others which made them popular and gave them capability to survive in the market for so long.

Instagram is a favourite choice for many of us, this social networking app is based upon the sharing of daily basis snaps and video with addons of cool filters and editing options making your post more interesting. Latest version of the lovely platform has the feature of the temporarily available post called as stories which you can post on the go like daily as they would vanish after 24hrs. this social media platform has reached over 600 million global users with 41% of user having age less than 24 in 2016. And as of now its popularity would have reached beyond than that it is supposed to have over 800 million users till date.

Features of GB Instagram App

Feature are designed to overcome the problems you deal with the official Instagram.

The best of them is its ability to download all the stories, videos and photos posted either by you favourite celebrity, family member or even your best friend by only a single click.

Other lovely feature is the costume theme for your Instagram to make you look cooler when you use it among your friends.

Download & Install GBInstagram APK on Android

Firstly, you need to require android version 4.0 or above on your device to start with. You can download the apk from the official developer site. The size of this app is less than 40 MB. So therefore it is not a problem at all.

  • Before installing you have to make sure you have allowed your device to accept application from other sources by going to the settings -> security -> unknown sources.
  • Download GBInstagram App from here – Download GBInstagram
  • Now, if you have made sure all you need to do is to open the application apk and accept the terms and condition like you do for any other application installation.
  • Now, if you have installed the application all you need to do is to login with a valid username and password.
  • As you are all set to use the application, all you need is to learn about the procedure for downloading the photos and videos on your phone.

How to Download Photos and Videos using GBInstagram

  • First you have to make sure that you have given permission of storage to on your device to start with.
  • For doing that you have to go to setting-> apps and then GBInstagram and then open app permission.
  • Turn the button for the storage, so that this application will be allowed to download images and the stored on your mobile.
  • Now, if you have done that all you need is to open your favourite post by you some you are following and click on top right of that post.
  • There you will be able to see the option of the download, so you need to do nothing but download what so ever that post is containing either it is a photo or a video.

The procedure is similar for download videos and stories also, there is no issues regarding that also.

What is an Mod APK

Basically, mods are nothing but a modified apk version of the app developed by app programmer unofficially. The motive of developing such mods is to add some cool features to app which are not available on the official release. Just like with Instagram you cannot download photos, videos and stories posted by other user that can your celebrity. But with the help of mods you can do that with an ease of effort. When we think of mods apk for Instagram only OGInstagram comes as an option but when we look bit deeper to our problem, using that apk is not a quite worth anymore, as it is outdated to the latest support version of Instagram.

So, what do we have is go for another option, and GBInstagram is one to look for as it is the latest and coolest one out there in the market. The initial release supports bit basic feature but as subjected by the developer they will soon be more features that can blew your mind in no time.


It is yet another apk mods application supporting features relatable to your very own Instagram but with some useful utilities that are a worth to have instead of the official application. The app is developed by the same developers of GBWhatsapp Atnfas Hoak together with the collaboration of Osama Ghareeb. The highlights of this app are that you can operate two Instagram accounts side by side on a single smart phone. And It is important to be noted that since apk mods are only developed for android operating system platform, so you would be able to use these features only on your android smart phone. Other smart phones OS like IOS, windows and blackberry doesn’t support this apk respectively. This apk mode helps you to manage all your friend list among the followers with an ease.

Since it is a third-party application there are always these doubts come in our mind that should we use it or not. Due to the safety concerns of you phone, according to the developer of this application it is quite safe to use it. surely It would not affect your privacy by any chance. But make sure you have done the mandatories for installing the apk by allowing you phone to have application from the third party sources and it would be better if you root your device for better performance.


GBInstagram is a great utility application for download your favourite post of photos and videos on you phone within not time. the user interface is just same the original application you can see for yourself you won’t find any difference. The downloading and installation procedure is also a cake walk that you can do on own with any specific help. All over this application is worth a download as it is freely available to you on the official developer site. Stay tuned at apktrendz for more cool apps like these.

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